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About Your Coach

M. Victoria Albina, MSN, MPH, RN
Queer Argentine FancyPants Nurse. Health Coach to the Stars. Food Nerd. phone: 857.34.BEETS, email: vic@heartbeetsholistic.com

I have been a nutrition and science-nerd for as long as I can remember, and I have also had a queasy, weird, achy belly that no doctor could ever figure out for just as long. Back in the stone ages when I was an undergrad at Oberlin College, I learned about the importance of empowerment and agency in healthcare, and started to educate myself about herbal medicine, food, birth, farming and the politics of health and healthcare. I worked in healthcare and abortion rights after school, while training to be a birth doula and learning about food systems and the environment. I studied international and environmental public health at Boston University, earning a Masters degree in Public Health. I put all that learning to good use, working worldwide, helping reduce lateral transmission of HIV from mother to child, and building composting toilets, grey water gardening systems and organic farms from Cuba to Mali, Mexico and Nicaragua, mainland China and Viet Nam.

Taking the nerdiness a step further, I studied to be a Family Nurse Practitioner at the University of California, San Francisco, where I was a trainee at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. I also had the honor of working as a hospice nurse at the Zen Hospice Project. With all that medical-learning under my belt, I worked in HIV clinics and primary care, and found myself wanting to talk to my patients about food, food and more food. In 2012 I trained as a health coach, and started seeing clients soon thereafter, bringing my years of training and experience as a registered nurse, Nurse Practitioner, public health practitioner and my integrative medical training to every session.

In the meanwhile, I cured my aching, miserable belly with whole nourishing foods, and carefully chosen botanicals and supplements. I also helped my body heal by learning to accept and love me just the way I am, to live one day at a time, and by connecting deeply and honestly with my authentic self.

And just as important as all my credentialing is that fact that I am a foodie. I was raised by a foodie, with a focus on the simple, nutrient-dense foods of my parents' childhoods in Argentina. Sundays with my family of origin meant home-made ravioli, paella from scratch, hours spent preparing home made bone broth and oso buco. If I eat a stunning meal, the first thing I think to do is to call my Pops to tell him all about it. We take pictures of our food to brag on. We're a food people, a home-made people, a savor-every-little-morsel-people, a full-fat all-the-way people. And I bring that passion for food, for people, for connection, for health, to every interaction.

Beyond all the food and medicine stuff, I love working out, making art, learning about herbal medicine and making potions in my kitchen, running through the woods with my wild mutts, Frances (Frankie) Bacon and her sister Grace Madrigal Salami. I love to listen to really bad 1970s Argentine rock and folk music. I love camping and I love big cities. I love connecting with my chosen family and sending them hand-made postcards. I love traveling and seeing the world... and eating new food wherever I go. I love working with clients and seeing change happen for people, right before my eyes. Life is totally friggin awesome. I would be honored to join you on the path to the life of your dreams.

Moxie Louise Albina, Cat
Official Mascot of Heart Beets Holistic

My name is Moxie, and I'm the Official Mascot of Heart Beets Holistic Health. I am also a cat. My mom, Vic, says that asking people to take "baby steps" is often more than a person can handle when they're just getting started - baby's feet are axshully kinda big! So at Heart Beets we talk about taking a Moxie Sized Step. Which is really tiny. A Moxie Sized Step leads to sucess, which builds confidence and a sense of Increasing Awesomeness, which leads to ever greater success. And that's the name of the game in coaching - slow, deliberate, thoughtful movement towards longtime, sustainable goals. One Moxie Step at a time.

About Moxie: I used to live in a field. Now I live in a pink house with my mom and furry sisters. It is nice there. I like to eat wet food, also: self-soothe with catnip. My meow is dainty, and my fur is bunnylike in it's softness. I have my claws, and chose not to use them.