Body Lovin' Reboot and Reset Cleanse

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If you're ready to deepen your relationship with the foods you eat, increase your self-awareness, figure out the root cause of your migraines, PMS, IBS, fatigue and beyond, with an experienced coach using whole nourishing foods as medicine, then the Heart Beets Holistic Reboot and Reset Cleanse is perfect for you.

The Reboot Cleanse is not a diet, not a sugary-juice-fast-mess, it is a guided tour towards wellness - whatever that means to You, with a focus on how the food you eat makes you Feel, and what you're Feeling when you choose the foods you eat. With recipes, menus and an interactive community, this cleanse is an opportunity to commit yourself to your best health and to discover a greater awareness of how amazing your body can feel and deeper self-love, by developing wellness skills that will last a lifetime.

So where does this concept of a cleanse come from and how can it help me?

Many traditional cultures, systems of healing, and spiritual practices encourage cleansing to lighten the load on our digestion, liver, gallbladder, spleen, and to purify the blood.  Cleanses can also be used in the most literal sense: to cleanse toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis through stress, the standard American diet, alcohol, pollution, smoking, municipal water, genetically modified foods and pesticides, xenoestrogens, and so much more. Even if you live a super ‘clean’ lifestyle, there are always benefits to detoxing, and reconnecting with Self through this awareness raising process.

This is not a juicing cleanse, a starving cleanse, or an all-smoothie-cleanse. I don't find much "health" in fasting, or depriving your body of the nutrients it needs for optimal health. This is about Food, and restoring and shifting our relationship to food by making thoughtful choices in a supportive environment. Please don't do any "cleanse" that asks you to be hungry - it's not kind or loving to you, and gets you no where. Restore your natural connection with food and reboot your habits by learning to eat in new and sustainable ways that you can carry with you into your life, long past our time together. The Heart Beets Reboot is about Eating Real Food and setting down the roots of new, life-changing habits. This is about sustainability, self-love, and feeling better than ever.


No Body Shame Here. No Way. No How.

I know the word "cleanse" can be complicated for some people, and I am so not into perpetuating the culture of thinner-is-better, and Cleanse as thinly veiled diet. I've chosen to use the word cleanse because of its roots and as a reclamation of the ancient traditions I base my work and my life in. My Abuela did seasonal cleanses with my mom and her siblings, to cleanse the winter from their bones before spring's shiny glory, to move with the flow of hot summer nights into fall's gentle cooling. Through this work, and my 15 years in health and wellness, I continue these ancient and beautiful traditions to move folks toward ever greater wellness..

I see a cleanse as a period of reflection: a chance to step out of our usual habits and ask "Does what I do Every Day serve me? Could I feel Better? Move with more ease, a greater lightness of spirit?" The Heart Beets Holistic ReBoot and Reset Cleanse is about learning and growing and reveling in foods that don't give you a belly ache, make you sad or cause fatigue. It's about getting back in the kitchen and connecting with easy, homemade, luscious meals. It's about gentle daily stretching and breathing. It's about re-centering: coming home to your One Perfect and Amazing Human Body.

Cleansers have reported:

  • Increased energy, focus and concentration
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced anxiety levels
  • Clearer skin (ciao, acne!)
  • Easier, deeper sleep and less fatigue overall
  • Reduced pain, aches and inflammation
  • Improved fertility
  • A better overall mood and outlook on life, and a greater balance to moods
  • A chance to learn which foods you are sensitive or allergic to (if this is your concern, consider the 21-day Elimination/Challenge option)
  • A safe place to connect with new habits: to figure out what meals are easy and delightful for your body, budget and schedule,  to take the stress out of meal time. You'll learn to make menu plans that fit your life, a simple habit which has brought me much ease. Teamed with your slammin' new post-cleanse crock pot skills, eating healthier has never been easier than while cleansing in a loving, supportive community.

As a member of a group ReBoot, I will guide you through a gentle, loving detox in which you will not feel deprived or hungry, but rather, will feel a new sense of energy and abundance. Working a program with me is about adding in the things that nourish us deeply, and not about missing out on feeling satiated: you're too full of cauliflower-crust pizza with cashew cheese to miss anything but feeling lousy! And we will do it together in an on-line community, working side-by-side. Give yourself the gift of attending to your ever-healing, amazing body.

Body Lovin' Reboot and Reset Cleanse

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New Group starts Monday September 4th, 2017. Join us!

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Join us for a 21 day

Body, Spirit and Soul Restorative Experience

and see how much better you can feel.



1. What does the cleanse include?

  1. Plant-based Paleo-style whole food recipes, which favor veggies over grains, and where your protein is yours to choose: meats, beans, hemp, fish, flax, chicken, etc.
  2. Menus and meal-planning full of amazingly yummy, filling food options, and guides to tweaking the program to meet your specific needs and the foods you enjoy
  3. Daily emails with guiding exercises to help you center and ground yourself: journaling, breathing, goal and intention setting
  4. 24/7 access to our cleanse community through the online forum on Facebook
  5. Private, direct email access to me for those questions you don't want to share with the online community
  6. Information on affordable and safe healing herbs and supplements known to support the cleansing and strengthening of the digestion
  7. An introductory package, welcoming you to the program and detailing what we'll be doing during our time together
  8. The longer cleanse comes with one-on-one time with me, and both cleanses include the option to add on more coaching, at a reduced rate for participants.

2. What kind of support can I expect?  Once you've enrolled, you'll start getting the info you need to start preparing for our start date. Join the Facebook group, and have instant access to your community of fellow cleansers. You can email Coach Vic or post on the Facebook group at any point throughout the duration of the cleanse, and will receive a response within 48 hours (usually so much faster!).

3. What if I need or want more support? One-on-one coaching is available at a significant discount, for those desiring longer and more frequent calls. 6-session and 3-session packages available at 10% off, a significant discount for cleanse group members who sign up while enrolling in the cleanse. One 50 minute session is available at a 10% discount.

4. Who should do this program?  This cleanse is perfect for foodies, omnivores, vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, gluten-free/celiac, chefs, take-out-queens and dedicated paleo-eaters will all benefit from this cleanse, which can be adjusted to fit most dietary needs. Luscious soups, creamy smoothies, decadent salads and plenty of options for all sorts of palates await you!

5. I'm scared of the very Concept of a "cleanse". What will I eat?! We will start the day with a nourishing, filling, vibrant, vegetable-based and berry-rich smoothie, with enough fat and protein to keep you full until lunch. Lunch will fill you up to power you through your afternoon: a bright spring salad with more protein and healthy fat, a bowl of zucchini pasta with homemade pesto, nutty broccoli with fava beans and cashew cheese, followed by a rich, satisfying soup for dinner: Tom Yum, Coconut Curry Soup, Tuscan Kale and Collards. Feeling hungry after a particular meal? Then eat more. Seriously. No externally imposed portion control unless you want portion control. Mindfulness is the name of this game.

6. Who should Not do this program?   If you are in active treatment for cancer or another serious illness, please consult your personal primary care provider before engaging in any cleanse. Likewise, if you are pregnant or nursing, please check in with your midwife or other clinician before engaging with the cleanse, and know that you'll need to add some extra daily calories! Please don't eat anything on the cleanse or take any cleanse supplements that you are known or suspected to be allergic to.

7. Do I have to buy any pills or powders? No! We will focus on using Food As Medicine and will seek to get all that we need  from three filling, satisfying meals/day, and snacks as needed. That said, you will receive a list of optional supplements to help boost your cleansing process: safe gentle herbs, probiotics and digestive enzymes are all great compliments to this process, but are never mandated.

8. I'm worried about joining a group of strangers to talk about food. I'm worried about fat shaming, weight-loss culture and all the accompanying crap. I feel you. I have been running these cleanses for near-on-a-decade, and never once has there been talk of weight or any kind of body or fat shaming in the group, because it's not the ethos of the thing. This is about self-love and about having your daily food choices be those that make you feel amazing. Do people lose weight on the cleanse? For sure. Is that the goal of the cleanse? Absolutely not, and it's never a focus. I love you too much for that crap.

9. I want to join the cleanse but I can't afford it. Holler at me. We can work it out - I hold several spots in each cleanse for activists, artists, folks with student loans as insane as my own, and others who just can't afford the regular price. Health is for everyone, and I'm open to making it work.



Kind Words About Heart Beets Cleanses:

“Coach Vic is this refreshing combination of a holistic healer and medical professional wrapped up in a cloak of ancient female wisdom and modern herbal_food science. She listens attentively and doesn’t mince words with h-2.png

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