Integrative and Holistic Medicine: digging deep and getting to the root cause

I offer integrative health consults, starting with a 90 minute intake session, in which I'll review your health history in great depth, with the goal of getting to the root cause of your concerns. I give us a lot of time because you and your health deserve it. We go deep, looking for the root cause of illness and imbalance, so we can start to heal your body rather than cover up symptoms. We'll talk about your concerns from a place of deep respect and love, without shame, guilt or judgement. My goal is to get you to your best health, not to make you feel bad about that pizza you had for lunch yesterday.

After our intake, I'll make recommendations of advanced functional medical tests to do for you as indicated, including bloodwork, stool testing for bacterial imbalances, yeast, and "leaky gut"; small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) testing; cortisol/adrenal testing and hormone testing.

I deeply believe that food is the best medicine, and work from a place of abundance, by adding in foods that support your best health, as well as herbs, botanicals and supplements to support your best health. I have trained at the Osher Center, am certified by the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine and trained for over a year with Chris Kresser's Institute for Functional Medicine. In addition to my extensive herbal and functional medicine training, I am also a UCSF trained Family Nurse Practitioner, and bring the best of both worlds - integrative and allopathic/Western medicine, all in the same visit. 

I provide this care over video, and am available to folks in most states.

If I've met with you in person in my previous clinical work, please book "integrative consultation" and we can jump right back into our work!

I encourage my clients to book out for the month or even two months, as I get booked up fast. We will have the best progress when the work is steady and regular - it builds in accountability and lets us build on the work we do together! Click below to book online, and complete my intake form and send it back to me before our appointment. Intake form available here

Click here to get started with a free introductory session to see if coaching or Integrative health work with me is the right fit for you - on the house.